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Turnout Control. For Information On Wiring turnouts, Go To the Section On Wiring Turnouts. For Introduction to Turnout Control Options, Go To DCC for Beginners. SUGGESTION #14-2: Use DCC Controlled

Turnouts and Eliminate Control Panels! Call me a gadget hound, but this is one of my big attractions to DCC — you don't need any control panels! Enjoy the best adapters for a great price! Connect Tortoise switch machines to our Touch Control System or any other without solder! Stripped wires from 14 gauge to 22 gauge firmly connect with just a screwdriver to wire-clamping screw terminal connections. When converting from DC, what wiring changes to I need to make? Perhaps None! If your layout works well on DC, it MAY work well on DCC! The best way to find out is to test it: Click on the above to visit our featured advertisers. Tell them you saw their ad on Wiring for DCC!

Wiring Turnouts. Welcome to the website that coined the phrase "DCC Friendly!" Q-Snap Mk2 Controls 4 Snap Type Solenoid Switch Machines Easy programming! Control for 4 twin coil solenoid type switch machines. Supports the full range of DCC accessory There is a follow-up to this post that describes further refinements made to the Tortoise control. View it here. While I cut the final pieces of sub-roadbed I am thinking … Easy-Wire Tortoise Adapters at a new low price! The very best for LESS! Big easy to wire clamping terminals and a removable socket so you can wire your connections in your hand, and not upside down under a table.Our reorganized terminal order lets the Tortoise wiring order make a lot more sense and be so much easier to remember. We have moved! Our

new Address is: ACCU-LITES, Inc. 12172 S. RT47 Suite 130 Huntley, IL 60142. Announcing SNAPS! have now gone shim-less! After working with our connector manufacturer, we have had the connector that connects to the tortoise redesigned and … The reverse switch inside the DC train transformer was also a DPDT, wired in the same fashion but could not be used since the train was in motion.So, the main line and the reverse loop had to be controlled in this manner. Now, of course, DCC offers autoreversing, either with the PM42 or the AR1, so the DPDT is no longer used in this way. However, there are still uses for the DPDT, such as How To Set Up Routes Using Your DS64 NOTE: During this procedure the DS64 must be connected to an active LocoNet with an active command station. 1. Press and hold down the STAT button on your DS64 until the green LED begins to blink quickly. You are now ready to set up a Route. 2. To program the DS64 Route

Number, use your DCC throttle in Switch mode to select a Switch Address from 1 …

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